Build your brand or business on Instagram. 

Boost profits and exposure.

Whether you’re a store, a bar, a restaurant, an artist, a model, a blogger, or a personal trainer we automate the engagement of your Instagram profile to passively and organically grow your account.


Happy Clients

Build Recognition

Imagine going from 500 to 20,000 highly targeted potential followers in a matter of months, without paying for costly advertising or spending 12 months growing slowly and against the competition.

Enhance Sales

Other automation services target like shotguns, Social Liftoff is a sniper – targeting your ideal customer with our private, cutting-edge algorithms for maximum profitability.

Local or Global

We use laser-focused location targeting options so you only gain genuine buyers, not just numbers. No coffee drinkers in Peru for your cafe in Toronto.

Built for You

We use unique goal tactics to structure automation, such as boosting walk-ins, e-book sales, subscribers, product sales and more.

A Safe Alternative

We keep our eye on your account to make sure growth appears as natural as possible, unlike other automation softwares which continually blast other accounts with spam all day and night.

Optimised Growth

We will continuously check in and tweak settings to make sure your getting the maximum growth possible. This is a truly personalised service.


Social Liftoff attracts your target audience.

We begin by forming the goals of your account and doing some market analysis, ensuring you reach your target audience.

Like having your own personal Instagram assistant, 24/7.

We begin automation: forming positive interactions with your ideal customer base via automated liking of photos, auto-following (if wanted), commenting and other proven tactics. This is all done in a natural way ensuring the safest growth.

Effective and safe growth.

We’ll continually tweak your account’s automation based on how effectively youʼre growing for the most optimal long-term results and profitability for your business.

We continue to grow your account by thousands of targeted followers whilst you engage and promote as normal. Automation doesnʼt restrict your access at all.


For Instagram Influencers

Social Media Influencers · Fashion Bloggers · Lifestyle Bloggers · Digital Nomads · Celebrities

For Businesses on Instagram

Ecommerce · Restaurants · Cafes · Retailers · Luxury · Jewelry · Fashion · Fitness · Design · Decor

For Professionals on Instagram

Photographers · Artists · Fitness Coaches · Designers · Models · Musicians


From 1,500 to over 40,000 followers in 6 months for travel photography company @Commutetheplanet

Rapidly build authority for this travel photography agency in an already saturated niche.

Since the goal was maximum authority, we initially applied broad but accelerated targeting with the goal of maximising followers, and lasering down from there.

40,000 followers in just 6 months, with each photo receiving 1-2000 real likes within 24 hours of posting and regularly achieving top ranking in the ‘Top Postsʼ section.

Why our customers love it:

Pricing to suit the small business


Per month

Real, genuine interactions.

With Social Liftoff youʼll be engaged with real, genuine customers as if theyʼd walked straight into your store or signed up themselves.

Build Recognition.

Youʼll quickly build a strong presence in your niche, snowballing your reputation and boosting your profits every single month.

Safe Automation.

We have been doing this for a few years and keep a close eye on Instagram’s updates. We’ll make sure you don’t spam or look unnatural.

A strategy built around you.

A personalised service is unbeatable. Feel free to ring us up whenever you have a question. We’re here to make sure you succeed.